What the art on your walls says about you

Photography by Adairs

You may not have considered it, but the art on your walls can say a lot about you. Which one of these fit you? Most people will not fit cleanly into one particular cateogory, but would be a blend of at least two of the preferences listed below. Knowing the direction in which you lean, will help you when choosing your next piece of art.


1. Family heirloom in the original frame

Credit: Moonlightway, morguefile


You have an old painting that used to be in your mother’s house and in her mother’s house, still in the original frame.

You value family and you’re known as being easygoing. You’re also probably not finicky about everything in your home being matchy matchy.  You find yourself gravitating towards a more eclectic aesthetic, things you love surrounding you.

You may have trouble seeing how to pull things to together in your place. People love to gift you things and you have a hard time saying no, because you can see the value in just about anything.

The kind of art you would love:

You love mixing the old with the new. But, you already have a number of things given to you that you probably are not sure how to display. A well-arranged gallery wall can add effortless style, to any room in your home. It has just the right amount of the random deliciousness you crave and you don’t have to toss that family heirloom.



2. Triptych purchased from a department store

Photo Credit: House Beautiful


You’re the friend who is always dressed well and loves to tell people how much your outfit cost, because they’ll never believe it. You are good at finding bargains and you know how to make 100 bucks look like a million

At least every 6 months, you change the decor in your home and you always have a particular color scheme in mind. Matching and themes are important to you. You have done more than a few DIY projects and your friends are in awe of your natural talent for making ordinary things look pretty.

The kind of art you would love:

You love to make things look beautiful. Few things are more beautiful than the human figure. A large figurative painting in warm and cool colors would add just the right amount of drama and it transitions well for the next time you want to change the look of the room.



3. Posters and momentos from Travel or hobbies

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.28.10 AM
Courtesy: Homedit.com


Culture is important to you. Whether it is Star Trek and Doctor Who or A batik scarf draped over a lamp shade from a trip to Indonesia, you want to display the things that are special to you.  You love when your friends ask questions about your collections and you see it as a way of sharing the experience with them.

You are known for being knowledeable about a lot of random things, or about one thing in particular, almost to the point of obsession. Your friends love to gift you things they think you would like, so your collection is ever-growing and you don’t mind finding a place for each thing.

The kind of art you would love: 

Your hobbies and interests have become a lifestyle for you and you have met some interesting people and had some great experiences along the way. A large, custom illustration of you and your friends as your favorite characters or a mixed-media collage of momentos of the places you have been, would infuse just the right amount of personality into your collection and bring everything together.


4. Collection of original art pieces

Courtesy: Summerthortondesign.com


Your home is highly curated. You love discovering new things, but it is important to you that the things that surround you feel like they were made especially for you.  You own a number of handmade items from people you have personally met. Even your taste in food is decidely adventurous. Your friends see you as stable and established, but you see yourself as another kind of artist, a free spirit, exploring the world of possibilities through your tastes.

The kind of art you would love:

Your love of curating even extends to your love of exotic dog or cat breeds. A large framed sketch of your beloved furry friend would be the perfect soft compliment to stable, heavy furniture with dark finishes.

A large ink profile sketch in a slightly abstract style of yourself or no one in particular will make your space seem more accessible and less museum-like


5. Quotes on vinyl or wood

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.36.48 AM
Courtesy: myscandinavianhome.com


You were probably known for your impeccable penmenship during your school years. You love to use slang and you have at least two or three expressions that you are known for using. You love to be surrounded by the people closest to you, so you spend a lot of time with your family. Your friends know you as a master at planning and entertaining. You have a knack for making everyone feel at home.

Your home is a blend of traditional and modern, but it works for you. As long as you have plenty of photos of the people you love.

The kind of Art you would love: 

You are all about family. You most likely have had several family portraits taken at different studios.  A non-traditional family portrait painted of each family member’s pair of shoes, favorite food or everyone making silly faces would be a nice statement piece behind your couch or even in the diningroom